Iridology is the scientific study of the eye. Used by medical doctors in Europe, this study examines iris color, pigmentation, pupil formation, fibre structures, vessel placement and particular patterns appearing in the iris and sclera.

This approach enables practitioners to identify bodily imbalances, deficiencies, as well as genetic tendencies and inherited predispositions. The eye reflects much registered information that our body communicates through the brain. Since the eye can be compared to a blueprint of the body, it is a great tool in finding solutions to unwanted symptoms, or preventing illness by staying on top of our health challenges. 

Iridology is a preventative method that brings forth a clearer understanding of bodily information. Like the incredible detail of a fingerprint, no two irises are identical! What makes you stronger than the person sitting next to you? Why do you feel chronically tired when you are adequately rested?

The procedure is a non-invasive exam that requires photography of the iris, pupil and sclera. Images are then projected onto a monitor for analysis and elaborate explanation. Counsel and suggestions on the lifestyle changes required to correct the findings are then given throughout the consultation, as well as a program that will match the needs of the individual.


Your iris can help us gain perspective on why certain issues are arising and what what you might be doing to trigger them. Learn how to manage the persistent inconveniences you’re searching to regulate.