That body-fat is not going to shed itself. It’s time for a change!

Through private fitness training, workouts and exercise programs are personalized and custom-made to meet your needs. By setting attainable goals together and taking the proper steps to reach them, transformations of body image, lifestyle and self-esteem are facilitated.

With exercise variation and re-assessments of fitness levels, progress can be tracked and plateaus can be avoided. Programs are designed to target certain muscle groups and problem areas, whether the ultimate goal be to tone, improve posture, lose weight, gain muscle mass, or be specific to improving your performance at a sport.

Stay engaged, motivated and on track with efficient and interesting workouts that help you see results.

Customized programs or workout sessions may include strength training with the use of free-weights, body weight, barbells, cable systems, resistance bands, developing cardiovascular endurance with circuit training or stationary equipment.